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Be Healthy, Lose Weight, Feel Your Best, and  Drop the Pounds.

Weight Loss hypnosis works. It might seem too easy to lose weight by using hypnosis, but studies show people who combine hypnosis with healthy living are more likely to not only lose weight but keep it off!

If it is meant to be, it is up to me...

Weight Loss Can Be Easy

Each year dozens of people are referred by others to Shoreline Hypnosis who have achieved tremendous success through hypnosis. “Help me like you’ve helped her!” this is one example of the type of request on a regular basis. Among the most popular requests are those seeking hypnosis for weight loss. Weight loss is a goal many people have a hard time achieving.

Most people who have come to Shoreline Hypnosis have tried diet and exercise programs and have failed. The reason most people fail at weight release (loss) is their approach is too simplistic. How you eat and how it affects your weight depends on many factors. For example: habit, quality of your diet, sensitivity to foods, family history, mood and your emotional state clearly affect your weight and your ability to lose and maintain weight loss.

You owe it to yourself to attain and maintain a natural, normal, safe and healthy weight without diet pills, surgery or dangerous diets

Dorothy Scott


Benefits of Hypnosis for Weight Loss:

Lose your appetite for processed foods

Feel satisfied and full by eating the right amount

Lose your appetite for sugary foods

Crave healthy food not empty carbs

Eat and think like a thin person

Increase your need and desire for water

Increased desire to exercise

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