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ICBCH Hypnosis Certification Course with Barbara Herr

We offer ICBCH, NGH, and IACT Certification Training

Hybrid training with online learning modules and interactive live classes

Hybrid training with online learning modules and interactive live classes

Hybrid training with online learning modules and interactive live classes

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This program will provide a working understanding of hypnotherapy and prepare students for certification by the National Guild of Hypnotists. the International Hypnosis Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists, and the International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

The core curriculum of this course is reviewed, annotated and upgraded annually by professionals throughout the world. You will be learning evidenced-based approaches to professional hypnosis, and the skills I use in my office to help people make change.

This course includes Emotional Freedom Technique, NLP and Regression Therapy components.

This course is open to all individuals with a strong desire to learn the art of hypnotherapy. It is designed for healthcare professionals and practitioners who want to learn the basic to advanced techniques. This course is also designed for teachers, athletes, and coaches to enhance their career or to generate supplemental income.

This class is taught in a practical, down-to-earth approach that concentrates on methodology and techniques. Elements of this course include:


What Other Learners Say:

Hypnosis in Guilford


  The experiential moments on all sections of the class were the most powerful learning for me- even watching/observing classmates. I learn by watching/doing/having done to me so this class was a 10 out of a 10!

Jesse Toth

March 2019 Class

Hypnosis in Guilford


  Confident I have a solid foundation in all the areas of the class that will allow me to practice competently and continue to learn and expand my knowledge. Practicing hypnosis on one another and experiencing the effects on both ends was extremely helpful. I really loved each day of the course. As a therapist I have been unsure of the direction I want to take my practice and now I know this is it!

  Anna O’Donnell

November 2020 Class


The environment was very positive and eye opening. Realizing these are tools for self-help as well as to help my clients is a valuable gift. Barbara provided a safe place to learn and grow as an individual so I can be effective for my clients.

Dawn Grabowski

March 2019

Hypnosis in Guilford


  After taking Barbara’s class, I now know that I control my life and can help others do the same. I feel confident practicing my new hypnosis skills and I’m comfortable putting my new skills to use working with clients. I loved the judgment free learning environment allowing each of us to fully be ourselves. After completing the case study, I knew I was on the right path towards helping others. This class made me appreciate my gifts and given me the tools I need to put them to use. So much love Barbara!

  Danielle Occhialini

March 2019

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Barbara Herr is an approved Hypnosis Instructor offering certification through the ICBCH, NGH, and IACT